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Fitted Bookcase - Boars Hill, Oxford

Why choose me?


Having worked with different types of timber and quality graded wood and realising their potential for a diverse range of projects, what can be achieved never ceases to amaze me.  I have been fortunate enough to work on some major projects.  Such projects involve an immense amount of skill which is frequently overlooked when people think of carpentry and joinery.  Some of these intricacies include:


  • being able to work with precision to create structures that form the foundation for many buildings
  • being skilled in the use of a wide range of machinery and tools to build stable joints to the specified measurements
  • applying critical thinking to solve client’s problems whilst trying to make their dreams a reality
  • accuracy in math calculations related to the project to avoid wastage
  • Having great physical stamina needed to carry out the work.  


These basics are what every client should expect from a carpenter and what they can expect from me.  Additionally, I work hard to please my clients, guiding them through the project, making recommendations when needed and highlighting potential issues that a client may not foresee.





The construction industry can be a mind field where trust is a big factor. As a qualified professional, my clients can feel reassured that the person working on their project is both experienced and knowledgeable, having worked in the trade for several years.  I am now embarking on the next chapter of my career as a sole trader, hoping to expand and develop my portfolio of work. I am ready to take on a diverse range of projects whether large or small. 


“Magic is taking a creation from nothing and making it special”

As long as I can remember, my imagination has led me down the path of creation. When I was younger I always loved being in the garage making things involving wood and nails.  Most of my Saturdays were spent on a course of study which involved completing small projects such as: creating boxes and tables. This foundation paved the way for success educationally, where I completed my Joinery Apprenticeship before later branching out to achieve both a Joinery and Carpentry award.  Such success means I am fully qualified and skilled, able to undertake a variety of wood related projects. Additionally, I have worked for many organisations, primarily within the Oxfordshire region, which has enhanced my skills and abilities. What’s more, I am proud of the fact that my talents have been specifically recognised, coming second in the Skill Builds Competition, which is hosted and organised by the prestigious Institute of Carpenters.

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